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Clever Moving

✓   Well Trained Movers​ & Drivers

✓   No Hidden Fees

✓   Fully Equipped and Ready For Any Situation

✓   Satisfaction Guaranteed

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About us

About Clever Moving Company:

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Professional movers

At Clever Moving we are taking a great pride of training our employees to provide the best service possible. All our movers complete our certification before they can go inside your house. All our movers are full-time workers in our company.


Full service

We provide full range of services starting from professional packing to putting furniture to designated spots in your new place. Disassembly/reassembly, installation, mounting etc.


Stress free

Clever Moving care about your experience as well as your belongings and want to do everything to release your stress with moving. Our scheduling is very easy and convenient with different arriving windows availability.


What Our Clients Say About Our Services:

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Areas we serve

  • Southern California

  • Northern California

  • Texas

  • Upstate New York

  • New York City

  • Arizona

  • Utah

  • Nevada

  • Oregon

  • Washington

  • Colorado

  • Virginia

  • New Jersey

  • Massachusetts

  • Florida

  • Georgia

  • Tennessee

  • Illinois

  • Ohio

  • Pennsylvania

  • Michigan

  • Oklahoma

  • New Mexico

  • Connecticut

  • Nebraska

  • Idaho

  • Maryland

  • D.C.

  • Minnesota

  • Montana

  • Rhode Island

  • Louisiana

  • Missouri

  • New Hampshire

  • Vermont

  • Maine

  • North Carolina

  • South Carolina

  • Alabama

  • Delaware

  • Arkansas

  • Mississippi

  • Kentucky

  • Kansas

  • Iowa

  • Indiana

  • West Virginia

  • Wyoming

  • Wisconsin

  • Alaska

  • Oahu (Hawaii)

  • Maui (Hawaii)

Areas we serve
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